Please call Front Desk/Hotel Operator, or choose a line and dial 9-1-1.

Camera Surveillance System,
There is a sophisticated Camera Surveillance system for your protection. The system cameras cover most exterior and interior public areas.

This hotel is protected by the most up to date fire prevention devices and alarm systems. All walls and ceiling are fire coded and all room doors are 20min fire code. Please make yourself aware of the emergency procedures listed in this directory.

Check-out time
Check-out time is noon 12:00pm.

Church/Synagogue/Mosque Services
A listing of worship establishments are listed in this directory.

Conference Room
Located in an Annex building. Advance reservation is required.

Fitness Room
Located in an Annex building. Very short walk. Access card required.

Dry Cleaning
Next day service Monday-Saturday, drop off by 07:00am, pick-up at 06:30pm.

Fax Machine
Available at the front desk for a nominal fee.

Hotel Operator/Front Desk Dial 0Laundry
Located on all floors.

Lost and Found
Please call the Front Desk.

Drop-off box at the Front Desk by 11:00AM.

Message Services
Press the “Message” button and after press “Listen”,

Press the “Sales” button.

Safety boxes:
Located in each room.

Soft Drinks/Snack Bar
Located on each floor (Please check price list).

Telephone Dialing Instructions
Room to Room Room number
Front Desk/Hotel Operator Dial 0
Local Calls Choose a line + Number
Long Distance Choose a line + 1 + Area Code + Number
Toll-Free Choose a line + 1 + 8xx + Number
International Choose a line + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number
We have selected Bell as the long distance carrier for calls dialed area Code + Telephone number.
For Bell rate information please dial:
514-310-Bell or 514-310-2355 for Bell company representative.
You may dial other long distance carriers from this phone by simply dialing the access code provided by the carrier of your choice.

Wake-Up Calls Please call Front Desk/Hotel Operator.